How to Dub a Hollywood English Movie in Hindi

Many Indian hollywood Movies Fans got in to a  trouble when they want to watch that particular movie with their family But it is in English then what to do??????????

Same happened with me,I searched many sites for converting English Movies in hindi but didnt find any solution.But dont worry finally i found a solution,Yes solution for converting hollywood movies in hindi.
so,We want a Mp3 File(in Hindi) Of a English Movie.
just follow these steps and you get Hindi Mp3 of a English Movie.

Then play your English Movie in a Player with zero volume and Hindi Mp3 in another player siulteniously.
Thus you get a Hollywood Hindi Movie.
So lets Start...

1)First of all find your dubbed Hindi Hollywood movie on movies sites.
   I have use below sites like 

2)After finding your Movie Copy its the Downloading link.
3)Now just go Here
4)Paste the Downloading link there in the box.
5)Choose your bitrate ,I will preffer 32 bit and Click Convert File.
6)It will take 3 to 5 minutes to convert your video to mp3.
7)After completing conversion Download your Mp3 File.
8)Now play that mp3 file in one player and the english movie in other player simulteniously.
9)Finally you will get a English Movie in Hindi.
10)Having any question Contact me.
     Suraj Girhepunje 

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