Marathi[Exclusive Songs]Ajay-Atul,Avdhoot Gupte,Swapnil Bandodkar-2010

Marathi   [Exclusive Songs]
Ajay-Atul,Avdhoot Gupte,Swapnil Bandodkar

Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Wajle ki Baara-Laavni.mp3
5.51 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Chimba bhijalele.mp3
4.35 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Ganeshvandana.mp3
4.16 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Chayla Tichya Mayla.mp3
4.06 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Aaicha Gho.mp3
3.89 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Dhund Hote.mp3
3.35 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Raan Uthle.mp3
2.65 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Lakh Lakh ChanderiAjay-Atul.mp3
1.41 MB
Ajay-Atul Greatest Hits/Jiv Rangala(From film Jogwa).mp3
1.13 MB
Bedhund-Swapnil Bandodkar/Tharar konata ha.mp3
6.84 MB
Bedhund-Swapnil Bandodkar/Jiwant aahe jara.mp3
5.62 MB
Bedhund-Swapnil Bandodkar/Tu mazi kaamana.mp3
4.46 MB
Bedhund-Swapnil Bandodkar/Galawar khali.mp3
4.04 MB
Bedhund-Swapnil Bandodkar/Ha chandra tuzyasathi.mp3
3.92 MB
Bedhund-Swapnil Bandodkar/Ek takkar tu de.mp3
3.54 MB
Bedhund-Swapnil Bandodkar/O priya.mp3
3.53 MB
Manse-Ajay Atul(M.N.S Raj Thakrey)/Priya Amucha Ek Maharashtra New Version-Ajay Atul.mp3
5.04 MB
Manse-Ajay Atul(M.N.S Raj Thakrey)/Manse aye re dil se gaaye re-Ajay Atul.mp3
4.83 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Sakhe ga sajani.mp3
3.00 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Tula pahato mi.mp3
2.98 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Pahije ahe tase.mp3
2.79 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Pavasa ye re pavasa.mp3
2.50 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Aralale dolyat.mp3
2.48 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Arth majhya bolanyacha.mp3
2.19 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Paat vakali.mp3
1.93 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Thembbhar tujhe man.mp3
1.78 MB
Sakhe ga Sajni-Avdhoot Gupte/Ja ghanano ja.mp3
1.49 MB
Tichya dolyatla gaav-Swapnil bandodkar/Sangteene Majhya Dhol.mp3
5.21 MB
Tichya dolyatla gaav-Swapnil bandodkar/Manat Majhya Hote.mp3
5.09 MB
Tichya dolyatla gaav-Swapnil bandodkar/Tichya Dolyatil Gaav.mp3
5.01 MB
Tichya dolyatla gaav-Swapnil bandodkar/Bagh Zuravi Mala.mp3
5.00 MB
Tichya dolyatla gaav-Swapnil bandodkar/Dole Tujhe Dhundi.mp3
4.36 MB
Tichya dolyatla gaav-Swapnil bandodkar/Mand mand kari Dhund.mp3
4.34 MB
Tichya dolyatla gaav-Swapnil bandodkar/Premat Padalo tujhya mee.mp3
4.10 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Aahe maza jagnyat.mp3
5.08 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Ha tuza rang.mp3
5.03 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Radha hi bawari.mp3
4.77 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Ye na priye.mp3
4.48 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Kon kuthali tu.mp3
4.44 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Man maze he.mp3
4.09 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Aanandachya gawala.mp3
3.97 MB
Tu Majha Kinara-Swapnil Bandodkar/Hi yaad tuzi.mp3
3.19 MB
Tujya Majya-Ajay-Atul/Kaali Dharti.mp3
9.76 MB
Tujya Majya-Ajay-Atul/Chang Bhale.mp3
7.65 MB
Tujya Majya-Ajay-Atul/Swarg Ha Nava.mp3
3.23 MB
Tujya Majya-Ajay-Atul/Navri Aali.mp3
1.77 MB
Vishwa Vinayaka-Ajay-Atul/Shree Ganeshay Dheemahi.mp3
9.35 MB
Vishwa Vinayaka-Ajay-Atul/ShreeGanesh Chalisa.mp3
8.42 MB
Vishwa Vinayaka-Ajay-Atul/Shree Ganeshay Atharvashirsh.mp3
7.43 MB
Vishwa Vinayaka-Ajay-Atul/Pranamya shirasa.mp3
4.43 MB
Vishwa Vinayaka-Ajay-Atul/Sukhkarta Dukhkarta.mp3
4.25 MB
Vishwa Vinayaka-Ajay-Atul/Jaya jaya suravarpoojit.mp3
2.05 MB

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